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Angel Poem Page


Once in an age... God sends to some of us a friend... Who loves in us... Not the person we are... But the angel we may be! Thank You All My Friends... If You Had Not Of Fallen... I would not have found you... Angel flying to close to the ground... And i patched up your broken wing... And hung around for awhile... Trying to keep your spirits up... And your fever down... I knew the day would come, you'd fly away... Because loves's the greatest healer to be found... So leave me if you need to... I will still remember... An Angel flying to close to the ground Written bye Heart Felt


Angels of heaven perform at their best.. While observing us, in our daily quest.. Sacred and divine though they truly be.. They Stand As Guardians Over You And Me.. From heavens hall there is one for all.. We each have an angel on personal call.. Angels are always within our reach.. They are here to care, heal, and teach.. So if life becomes too much to bear.. Remember, your angel, is always there *Written bye Heart Felt*